The original and unmistakeable Naxos style is combined with the inimitable qualities of fine porcelain stoneware to create Vision, a range of versatile solutions for contemporary architecture. Taking its inspiration from the compact nature of cement, the alluringly refined aesthetic of the Vision collection is underlined by the elegant colour variations of natural stone, for walls and floors, indoor and outdoor settings, in any design environment.

Sizes and thicknesses:
White body floor title:
Fine porcelain stoneware floor:
Use Categories:
  • 80X80 cm / 31,5"X31,5"
    Natural surface
  • 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
    Natural surface
  • 60X60 cm / 24"X24"
    Natural surface
  • 30X60 cm / 12"X24"
    Natural surface
  • 60X60 cm / 24"X24"
  • 80X80 cm / 32"X32"
  • 30X30 Mos cm / 12"X12"
  • 30X30 Mos cm / 12"X12"
  • 30X30 Mos cm / 12"X12"
  • 30X30 Mos cm / 12"X12"
Fine porcelain stoneware floor
White body floor title
Special Items
  • Battiscopa 5,4X60 / 2"X24"
  • gra. costa ret. 33x120 cm / 13"x47"
  • gra. ang. sx 33x120 / 13"x47"
  • Gradino 30x60 / 12"x24"
  • el. elle 15x30x4 / 6"x12"x1,6"
Technical certifications:
Environmental certifications: