A material palette that defines a new idea of contemporary luxury; Serenade offers 7-mm thick porcelain stoneware with an evocative coloured marble effect.

Sizes and thicknesses:
White body floor title:
Fine porcelain stoneware floor:
    • 120X260 cm / 47"X102"
      Polished surface - Rectified edge
    • 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
      Polished surface - Rectified edge
    • 60X60 cm / 24"X24"
      Polished surface - Rectified edge
    • Decoro Melody 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
    • Decoro Opera 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
    • Decoro Accord 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
    • Mos. Circle Blue 29X29 cm / 11"x11"
    • Mos. Circle Green 29X29 cm / 11"x11"
    • Mos. Circle Brown 29X29 cm / 11"x11"
    • Fascia Prestige Blue Mix 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
    • Fascia Prestige Brown Mix 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
    Fine porcelain stoneware floor
    • Chestnut pav. 20x120 cm / 8"X47"
    • Nest pav. 20x120 cm / 8"X47"
    White body floor title
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