Stones compose an ancient and nuanced language, like words called upon to tell the story of our planet. Layers, intrusions and grains result from the continuous transformation of the environment and suggest natural structures for shaping living spaces.

Sizes and thicknesses:
White body floor title:
Fine porcelain stoneware floor:
    • 60X120 cm / 24"X47"
      Natural surface - Rectified edge
    • 60X60 cm / 24"X24"
      Natural surface - Rectified edge
    • 120X278 cm / 47"x109,5"
      Natural surface - Rectified edge
    • Brick Portofino Nut 29X32 cm / 11,4"x12,6"
    • Brick Portofino Dark 29X32 cm / 11,4"x12,6"
    • Brick Portofino Black 29X32 cm / 11,4"x12,6"
    • Modulo Roma Beige A+B 23X50 cm / 9"x20"
    • Modulo Roma Grey A+B 23X50 cm / 9"x20"
    Fine porcelain stoneware floor
    White body floor title
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