Think big, design with stoneware

The most obvious advantage is the possibility to cover very large walls and floors, minimising the visual impact of the joints to obtain perfect aesthetic continuity. The feeling of breadth this creates enhances residential spaces as well as public areas, where an important benefit of stoneware is its guaranteed easy maintenance and cleaning. The necessary high standards of hygiene, in the catering, hospitality and wellness industries in particular, are delivered perfectly by porcelain stoneware, which is safe, anallergenic, does not absorb dirt and bacteria, and can be safely treated with detergents and disinfectants.

With their impressive dimensions, different thicknesses (12 and 7 mm) and huge range of aesthetic solutions, big slabs have also inspired the creation of porcelain stoneware furniture and furnishings. A new development that has fired the creative imagination of design professionals and private individuals looking for originality. Big slabs can be turned into kitchen and bathroom counter-tops, matched up with splashbacks and tables, and into made-to-measure basins and tubs, where the same tiles are used in both the wet and the dry areas, for a revolutionary feeling of material and visual continuity. With the choice of a suitable thickness, they can also be moulded into spectacular kitchen islands with “cascading” counter-tops, in other words with the same tiles for the work surface and the sides of the island down to the floor.

Ceramic surfaces also broaden the horizons of the living room, with eye-catching tables created from a single slab worked to create the desired shape, bookcases and chests with personalised finishes and surfaces, as well as doors and fireplaces.

The huge range of textural inspirations ceramic production technology delivers in large formats is a further invitation to express creativity. Porcelain stoneware interprets the effects of the finest white marble or black marble with contrasting veining, as well as rarer, more exotic varieties in bright colours, for luxurious elegance and sophistication. It also offers the contemporary aesthetic looks of cement and metal, perfect for eclectic and industrial-style spaces, as well as surfaces with compact uniform colours for people who prefer a more neutral effect.