Eclectic design for unique projects


Contemporary atmospheres, between oriental suggestions and traces of an industrial past, artfully created in a masterfully restored space in the heart of Gallarate (Varese). Moon Lounge is one of the most recent projects by architect Nicola Ghilardi, a venue for young people and nightlife where they can sip drinks and explore the taste of hookah.


At a glance, the room reveals its original purpose through the arches, vaults and brick walls that the designer chose to preserve and integrate with design elements with modern and essential lines. This mix is intended to emphasise the uniqueness of the venue, giving it a strong yet welcoming visual identity. Extensive use is made of dark, elegant colours and the use of large mirrors, positioned to reflect light and create optical illusions that broaden the perception of space.

The counter is the star of the project, placed in the centre of the room and covered with marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs. The material chosen to enhance this large furniture element is Rhapsody Caravaggio Gold, with a polished surface and 7 mm thickness. The textural texture, rich in stunningly realistic detail, is dominated by a black-brown background with a dense veined pattern in golden tones. A refined proposal that stands out in the room where the lighting is provided by colour-changing rgb LEDs.

Caravaggio Gold was used not only in the counter, but also for the large bottle racks and various furnishing elements created especially for Moon Lounge. The metal and ceramic components, characterised by the succession of solids and voids, are reminiscent of the old metal structures used in the industries of the past and pick up on the play of stylistic and temporal references, aligning the interior design with the architectural design language.



Architect Nicola Ghilardi started his career before he even finished his studies, working as an interior designer. Graduated in Architecture in 2006 and enrolled in the Register of Architects in Milan, he took on his first important projects, related to public venues such as discos, bars and restaurants. Studio Architect Nicola Ghilardi has been active in Legnano since 2007. In 2013, he designed the furniture and accessories exhibition centre for Alpha CD Technology in Bujumbura, capital of Burundi, Africa, and the Golden Palace project in Tirana, Albania. Also in Albania, he teaches an architectural design course at the Metropolitan University of Tirana. He has participated in several editions of the international competition The Quinquennial Tile Award organised by Fincibec Group, taking second place in 2009 with the project Countryside Villa (San Nazario Sesia, Novara) and third place in 2016 with the project La Biloria (Legnano, Milan).


Photographs by Matteo Mezzalira